How to Design Your Own Binder

Binders can be an effective way to keep things organized. From random papers to craft projects to work information to coupons, binders can hold just about everything and provide a consolidated, personalized environment for whatever you need to keep safe. Designing your own is as easy as knowing your personal style and what use you intend to get out of the binder.

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  • Art supplies
  • Photos
  • Dividers


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      Find a binder that suits your needs. There are binders and three-ring organizers that come in a variety of materials, including plastic, felt-covered, cloth-covered, printed and recycled. These all come in a variety of colors, sizes and depths, so choose the binder that most fits you and your organizational requirements.

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      Personalize the outside of the binder. Keep in mind the use you expect to have for the binder. If it is something you are using for a business presentation, avoid personalizing the outside of it too much with things that stand out such as bright colors or glitter. If it is for personal use, you are free to personalize as much as possible. Some good supplies to have on hand for decorating include glue and brightly colored buttons or glitter, permanent markers, photographs, postcards and stickers.

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      Label the outside. For a presentation, limit yourself to the title of the presentation and your name, and possibly your contact information if you intend to turn the binder into someone who might want to contact you. For your own personal use, label the binder so that you know what it contains -- crafts, billing statements, wedding planning, or whatever use you may be finding for your particular binder.

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      Add dividers. Separate the inside of the binder into different sections using dividers that you can purchase at your local grocery, all-purpose, office or craft store. The dividers come in a variety of styles, including options of paper versus plastic. Dividers also come either pre-marked with letters A to Z, numbers or with plastic tabs that you can label yourself. Choose the dividers that work best for you in your binder.

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      Add your extras. There are items such as three-hole punches, writing utensil cases and day planners that you can purchase to add to your binder, depending on your needs. Choose the items that best fit your personal binder.

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      Decide on page protectors. You have the option to buy plastic sheets that attach through the three rings of the binder to hold presentation sheets, multiple pieces of paper (such as billing statements or other stapled documents), craft supplies or any other item that is not hole punched. There are also sleeves that hold photographs or post cards if you wish to have those types of items stored in your personalized binder.

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