How to Get a Secret Moshling Code on Moshi Monsters

The Moshlings in "Moshi Monsters" are digital pets for your virtual pets. Collect your favorite Moshlings and keep a limited number in your "Moshi Monsters" room. If you upgrade to paid membership, you can collect all of the available Moshlings in your personal Moshling Zoo. To get most Moshlings, you will need to know which three Moshling seed plants to grow in your Moshling Garden in order to attract and catch them. Secret Moshling codes, however, refer to other methods of catching Moshlings.


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      Become a paid member. Paid members have access to the Port, a place where you can buy exclusive seeds necessary to catch secret Moshlings with your codes.

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      Collect Moshi Mash Up Trading cards. You can purchase the cards online or at some retailers. Cards that feature Moshlings include codes or at least the combinations of seeds you will need to grow in order to capture specific Moshlings in the game.

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      Purchase "The Moshling Collector's Guide." Inside the official book, you will find codes for secret Moshling such as Roxy.

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      Enter your code during the login process. Under the owner name and password boxes, you will see a box for any secret codes you have. Enter your secret Moshling codes one at a time. The seeds you unlock in order to attract secret Moshlings will automatically appear in your inventory.

Tips & Warnings

  • In order to catch a common Moshling, experiment with different combinations of Moshling seeds. Try different colors of each seed as well.
  • As a paid member, you can catch secret Moshlings on Super Moshi quests. No codes are necessary.
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