How Does Imodium AD Work?

How Does Imodium AD Work?
How Does Imodium AD Work?


When diarrhea interrupts your life, it can be both inconvenient and embarrassing. Besides frequent trips to the bathroom, diarrhea can also contribute to serious cases of dehydration, especially if action is not taken to stay hydrated or treat the diarrhea itself. One of the most common products on the market to treat diarrhea is Imodium AD.


Diarrhea is a way for the body to quickly expel any contents it feels are harmful to the body. Originating in the small intestine, diarrhea can be caused by triggers including foods, viruses, bacteria and medications. When your digestive system is working correctly, digested food enters the small intestines where the important nutrients are absorbed, leaving the waste product to be excreted. When your digestive system works too quickly because it has been activated by a diarrhea trigger, nutrients are unable to be absorbed as easily. As long as the smooth muscles of your small intestines continue propelling the digested food at an increased rate through your digestive tract, the diarrhea will continue.

Slowing the Process

Imodium AD works by slowing down your small intestines so that the nutrients can be adequately absorbed. By slowing down the intestines, Imodium AD can also decrease the frequency in which you need to have a bowel movement. Imodium AD does this through its active ingredient Loperamide HCI. After Imodium AD has been ingested, the Loperamide HCI is directly absorbed into the walls of the small intestine. It then acts directly on the smooth muscles to slow and regulate the movement of food through your small intestines.

Other Active Ingredients

Imodium AD may also contain other active ingredients to help control diarrhea. Diphenoxylate is a common ingredient in Imodium AD and helps to control intestinal contractions to allow more water to be absorbed from the waste before being excreted. Since Diphenoxylate is of the opiate family, Atropine is also a common active ingredient. Atropine keeps Imodium AD users from abusing the product by creating severe nausea in anyone who takes more than the recommended dose of the medicine.

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