How Long Does It Take to Gauge Your Ears?


Piercing Your Ears

  • Normal ear piercings are usually done with an 18-gauge needle. If this size just isn't large enough for you, you may want to consider gauging or stretching your ears. You can gauge your ears in the comfort of your own home. Always speak with a piercing salon or tattoo parlor before attempting to gauge your ears on your own. You will probably have to purchase several rings before your ears will be stretched noticeably.

Ear Gauging Timeline

  • The lower the number, the larger the gauge plugs. For example, if your ears were pierced with an 18-gauge needle, you will want to purchase 16-gauge plugs for your first stretch. Wait at least two weeks before going to the next largest size.
    Do not rush the process, as your ears will become very sore and your earlobes could tear. As soon as you feel your ears are painless and red-free, try switching to the next size up.
    It should take about two to three months to gauge your ears, depending on how large you would like to stretch them.

Ear Gauging Warnings

  • Always wash your ears with antibacterial soap and dab with rubbing alcohol when changing gauges. If your ears begin to get unbearably sore or very bright red, your ears may be infected.
    If your ears get infected, take gauges out immediately and see a doctor.
    Do not try to gauge your ears too fast, or your earlobes may tear or become irritated. Take your time when gauging your ears and the benefits of waiting will outweigh the satisfaction of having gauged ears in a hurry.
    Once you have gauged your ears, there is a chance your earlobes will remain stretched. It may require stitches or surgery to return them back to their original size.

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