Hybrid Cars Positive Effect on Environment


What is a Hybrid Car?

  • Hybrid cars are automobiles that are powered by more than one power source. In the majority of modern hybrid cars, this means that the hybrid is powered by a combination of traditional gasoline power and the addition of some other power source such as an electric motor or hydrogen fuel cell. In actuality, however, a car is hybrid if it is powered by two or more power sources of any variety, including petroleum-fuel engines, fuel cells, electric motors, manpower, solar cells, wind power, or any other power source.

What are the Positive Effects of Hybrid Cars on the Environment?

  • Hybrid cars help the environment by replacing normal gasoline-powered cars. Cars that burn fossil fuels such as gasoline emit toxic byproducts and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere while they run. The greenhouse gases are particularly troublesome because they are believed to be one of the main factors behind global warming. While most hybrid cars still burn gasoline in an internal combustion engine, they also use other forms of motive power to help limit how much gasoline they burn. This means that hybrid cars cause significantly less damage to the environment than normal cars.

What is the Downside to Hybrid Cars?

  • The main downside to buying a hybrid car, from a consumer's point of view, is that they are often significantly more expensive than their normal gasoline-powered counterparts. Of course, increased fuel efficiency could potentially make up for the difference in price over time. Unfortunately, there also are those in the scientific community who think that hybrid cars simply aren't a radical enough change to help reverse global warming. Such scientists generally believe that vehicles that are completely emissions free should be the focus rather than compromise vehicles such as hybrid cars.

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