Facts on the 4L60E Transmission


General Motors produced the 4L60E automatic transmission from 1992 to 2006. It's used in rear-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles. GM also matched the 4L60E with trucks with a gross vehicle weight of 8,600 lbs.


  • The 4L60E featured a three-piece aluminum alloy case that consisted of the main case, tailhousing and bellhousing. It was 21.9 inches long with a 30-spline input shaft. It had a square oil pan. Pre-1997 4L60E transmissions had a four-bolt square pattern on the case cover, while the post-1997 version had a six-bolt hex cover pattern. The transmission weighed 146 lbs.


  • GM designed the 4L60E to match the Chevy small- or long-block V-8 engines. It also matched V-6s and inline six-cylinder versions. Although the transmission can adapt to aftermarket engines or powerplants swapped from other GM vehicles, the wiring will generally only match the engine the 4L60E was originally linked to at the factory.

Gear Ratios

  • The 4L60E's gear ratios are 3.06-to-1 for first gear, 1.63-to-1 for second, 1-to-1 for direct third gear and .70-to-1 for fourth gear.

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