GMC Envoy Airbag Problems


General Motors Company has issued three recalls for its GMC Envoy models due to airbag problems that could put vehicle occupants in danger in the event of an accident. Envoy owners experiencing airbag problems should contact National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) or the manufacturer to determine if they are entitled to free repairs due to these recalls.

2002 Recall

  • In 2002, General Motors recalled certain 2002 - 2003 GMC Envoys because, due to a manufacturing defect, the driver's side airbag inflator might fracture during a crash. Particles of the inflator could fly out and injure the driver or passengers.

2003 Recall

  • In 2003, GMC recalled more 2003 Envoys to repair a similar airbag inflator defect that could put drivers and passengers at risk for injury if the device explodes during a crash. The defect could also cause the airbag not to fully inflate, which could cause the airbag not to protect the driver if the inflator does not fracture.

2006 Recall

  • In 2006, the manufacturer recalled certain 2005 - 2006 GMC Envoy vehicles originally built with cloth seats that were later reupholstered with aftermarket leather seat cover kits. Tests showed the aftermarket seats could cause the passenger sensing system to fail, which could erroneously disable the front airbag on that side of the vehicle.

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