Treatment for Fuel Oil Sludge


Fuel oil refers to lubrication used in fuel-driven machinery, such as internal combustion engines. Sludge accumulating in fuel oil can cause an engine or motor to run less efficiently or not at all. Fortunately, fuel oil sludge treatment typically resolves this problem.


  • Sludge refers to semi-solid sediment or particles formed when different fuel oils are mixed. Sludge also forms as a result of reactions to moisture, heat or oxidation.

Treatment Functions

  • A treatment for fuel oil sludge must perform several functions to dissolve it, including stabilizing the fuel to minimize the formation of additional sludge, and dispersing previously formed sludge into minute particles, making it more easily combustible, or burnable, through common engine function. Treatment for fuel oil sludge also includes the emulsification (mixture of two unblendable liquids) of water to allow it to pass through the system.

Surface Active Agents

  • Fuel oil sludge treatments use surface active agents to dissolve sludge. These agents or chemical compounds break the surface tension of the oil and water to disperse the sludge and enable a stable blend of water droplets in the oil.

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