How to Disable Silverlight Buttons

Microsoft Silverlight is a development platform for creating Web, desktop, and mobile applications. A button is used in a User Interface to give the user an option to execute a process. A button can be customized, disabled or enabled, by changing its properties.

  1. Hover Button

    • A button executes the "click" event when you use the "Hover" method. When you move the mouse pointer over the button the "click" procedure will execute. You can disable the button by typing the following C# code: myButton.IsEnabled = false;

    Press Button

    • You can execute the "click" event to disable your button by using the "Press" method. When you press the left button of your mouse and the mouse cursor is over the button you will execute the "click" event.

    Release Button

    • The "Release" event will also trigger the button "click" event. This event executes when the button is released after you press the button with your mouse.

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