About Windows Live Messenger Delete Checker

Tracking fellow Windows Live Messenger users who have deleted you from their contact lists can help you keep your own lists of networking and personal contacts up to date. The Delete Checker program was created to help keep you aware of your status with other users.

  1. Purpose

    • Delete Checker is a tool that identifies contacts that have deleted you from their own contact lists. You can also use Reverse Delete Checker to determine which of your own deleted contacts are still including you on their own contact lists.


    • The Delete Checker program connects to the MSN server and then uses your .NET Passport account information to search for users and parse through those on your contact lists that have deleted you.

    Similar To

    • Delete Checker for Windows Live Messenger can be downloaded from a variety of websites and may be listed under the names MSN Delete Checker, Online MSN Delete Checker, Delete Detector, or MSN Delete Viewer. You may also find programs that function similar to Delete Checker for Windows Live Messenger, such as MSN Block Status, MSN Status Checker, and MSN Block Checker.

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