What Is Economy Hosting for Windows?

Internet sites can be built by almost anyone and almost anywhere, including at home with a personal computer. Two elements of creating and maintaining a website are domain names and web hosting.

  1. Hosting

    • When you develop a website you need somewhere to put it. Hosting is basically your personal space on the Internet where you can publish your website. It gives your site a plot of land where you can place your website's coding and files and base your website address. Like any real estate, there is a cost associated with it and that cost will vary depending on what you purchase.


    • There is a wide variety of web technologies that you can use to build your website including HTML, .NET, PHP and Flash. All have a different purpose and all require some back-end interpretation from the host for their use. In addition, there are different types of web hosting available. Different companies will use different names, but there is usually an economy version and a deluxe or pro version. They differ in storage space and options, with the economy versions offering limited storage space and hosting features.

    Windows Hosting

    • When you purchase hosting, you must choose what kind of hosting you want. If you are using Windows-based technologies for your website such as .Net or ASP, you will want to choose Windows Hosting over other types of hosting such as Linux. Windows economy hosting is an economy-based plan that uses the Windows Operating System as its platform.

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