Specifications for a Sony PCV-RX550

The VAIO PCV-RX550 is a multimedia-rich desktop computer developed by Sony. This mid-size desktop computer includes a Pentium 4 processor and has a number of connections for attaching peripheral devices.

  1. Processor and Memory

    • The VAIO PCV-RX550 features an Intel Pentium 4 processor capable of processing speeds of up to 1.50 GHz. The motherboard and chipset included has 256 KB of integrated on-die level 2 cache memory and a front side bus capable of speeds up to 400 MHz. The computer includes 256 MB PC-1333 SDRAM memory that can be expanded to 512 MB.

    Networking, Sound and Video

    • The VAIO PCV-RX550 comes with a built-in nVIDIA TNT M64 graphics hardware that delivers 3X AGP 3D graphics acceleration, with 32 MB of SDRAM video dedicated memory. Included external stereo speakers can be connected to the on-board sound card that is integrated into the system mainboard. For networking, the computer includes a 10/100 fast Ethernet connection and a V.90 dial-up modem.

    Accessories and Expansion

    • The VAIO PCV-RX550 comes with a number of accessories including a Sony VAIO Smart keyboard, a PS/2 wheel mouse and an RJ-11 phone cord that can be used with the V.90 modem. USB peripheral devices can be connected to one of the four available USB ports installed on the computer, with two ports available on the front of the computer and two available on the back.

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