What Does Soliciting Mean?


There are many meanings for soliciting. Some of these include trying to persuade someone to give you something, either formally or persistently; enticing someone to commit a criminal act; or offering sexual services for pay.

Trying to Obtain

  • A political candidate may solict votes, according to the Free Dictionary. A newspaper may solicit readers to submit opinions, Merriam Webster states.

Petitioning Persistently

  • According to The Free Dictionary, this definition involves persistence. Trying to get the neighbors to donate money is one example of soliciting.

Enticing a Criminal Act

  • The definition of criminal soliciting involves advising or ordering someone to commit a crime and usually involves prostitution or drug dealing, but may involve politicians soliciting a bribe. Criminal soliciting may be committed even if the ordered or advised crime is not, according to The Legal Dictionary.

Offering Sexual Services

  • According to Merriam Webster, this definition of soliciting involves a prostitute enticing a customer to receive sex for pay.


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