Why Does IE 8 Often Make CPU Usage Go to 100%?


If your Web browser of choice is Internet Explorer, version 8 (IE8), you may occasionally find your CPU usage spikes to 100 percent when the browser is running. Several factors may be causing this issue.

Caches and Cookies

  • A glut of cache data and/or Web browser cookies could cause a sudden spike in CPU usage when you open IE8. Try clearing your cache and deleting your cookies and see if that reduces the strain on your CPU.

Javascript and CSS

  • In a test of six major browsers, IE8 was found to be the browser that had the slowest Javascript and CSS rending speeds. You might want to try using another browser to load websites that rely heavily on either Javascript or CSS.


  • Smooth scrolling is a major CPU hog. To disable it, go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced, and uncheck the Smooth Scrolling box. Your browser experience may seem a little more jumpy, but your CPU usage should drop.


  • If you have multiple tabs and/or windows open in IE8, this may also be putting massive strains on your CPU. Close all windows/tabs you are not actively using.


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