Dry Throats & Snoring


It is common to wake up from a deep slumber with a dry throat that may cause irritation and even pain. It can be frustrating, and cause you to have trouble breathing, swallowing and change your voice dramatically while it is dry. However, there are several ways to fix this problem.


  • Snoring causes your throat to be sore because when you breathe through your mouth, the air dries out the tissues in the airways. When you snore, you take in large amounts of air, very little saliva and the vibration rattles the tissues, leaving your throat dry and irritated.


  • Some people are habitual snorers, while some people only snore when they are in a deep sleep or in a position where the airway is slightly compromised. There are lots of ways to stop snoring, including taking pills and homeopathic remedies, exercises to strengthen the muscles in the throat and mouth, and even surgery in extreme cases.


  • If you snore frequently and are not interested in taking medications or having surgery to correct the snoring, there are things you can do to soothe your dry throat when you awaken. First of all, you can drink some water to wet your throat. You can also suck on a throat lozenge or a piece of hard candy. If this is something you need to treat frequently, hard candy is a better option, as throat lozenges contain medication that can be harmful in extended doses.

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