What Happens to Your Hair When You Bleach it?


Luscious blond locks certainly are a trend, but many do not consider the ramifications of choosing the wrong color or even permanently harming the hair shaft with the use of bleach. Bleach bombshell or not, be aware of your boundaries before using such strong chemicals.


  • When bleach is applied to the hair, hair will turn significantly lighter than the current hair color. Like permanent color treatments, bleach achieves the same drastic results without adding new pigments.

Break Down

  • When bleach is applied to hair, melanine, which determines your hair color, produces pigments that are distributed throughout your hair follicle. Faeomelanine is the blond form of melanine found in blond hair.


  • If your hair is fine, bleaching your hair may make it rough. Also, if your hair turns orange after one bleach process, it is best to see a professional salon to correct the color instead of dual bleaching by yourself.


  • Photo Credit natural blond hair. image by mdb from Fotolia.com
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