Rabies Vaccination Costs


The rabies vaccination is required for dogs in most areas of the United States and typically costs less than $20 for the actual shot, though the cost of the vet visit may add to the total. The cost of vaccination varies depending on where you are located and who provides the vaccination services.

Average Cost of Rabies Vaccination

Generally speaking, you should be able to get the rabies shot for between $10 and $20. The rabies vaccine is typically given as an annual vaccine with additional boosters being given every year after that for the remainder of the pet's life. First vaccination can be done when the pet is 3 months old or older. In a number of areas, yearly rabies vaccination is required by law and must be given by a licensed veterinarian.

There is also a rabies vaccine that lasts for three years. This vaccine is accepted by authorities in some areas but it has not gained universal acceptance at this time. If your area allows the three-year vaccine, your dog will need his initial rabies vaccine as a puppy, a booster shot one year later and then can go onto an every three-year rabies vaccination schedule. The three-year vaccine may or may not cost more than the annual vaccine, depending on where you go for the shot.


  • If you are tight on money, many areas have low-cost vaccination clinics where your pet can get vaccinated for a discounted price. Contact your local animal shelter or animal control office for information about low-cost vaccination clinics. Your veterinarian may have this information as well. These clinics may be held at an animal shelter or business, pet supply stores or even a veterinarian's office.

Other Costs to Keep in Mind

The rabies vaccine itself is legally required in most areas and therefore the price tends not to vary significantly for the shot itself, though you can expect some minor fluctuations depending on where you go to get your shot and what area or region of the country you live in.

The expensive part of a rabies vaccination tends to be the other veterinary services offered along with the shot. Many veterinary offices offer packages that may include health exams, other vaccinations and testing for worms. These packages vary in price depending on what services you are getting but tend to start around $40 and can increase to more than $100.

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