The Definition of Organizational Conflict

Organizational conflict is often the result of a disagreement between two or more individuals in a company. Conflict can also exist outside of the organization; this usually involves one or more companies in the business environment.

  1. Definition

    • Conflict is opposition or disagreement between individuals or entities. Conflict may involve a difference of opinion regarding business goals or lack of resources in a company.


    • Communication is a common feature of organizational conflict. Owners, directors, managers and employees may be unable to properly explain their position or opinion. Conflict can also result when negative communication occurs in the business.


    • Organizational conflict can be positive or negative. Positive conflict allows businesses to improve or streamline their operations to overcome a lack of resources. Negative conflict can result in a disruption of business operations and a loss of profit.


    • Business owners should consider discovering the source of conflict and how frequently it occurs. Constant conflict in an organization can create a difficult work environment for employees.


    • Businesses often create conflict resolution methods to minimize the negative effects of organizational conflicts. Unfortunately, conflict resolution requires business owners to spend more time on administrative services rather than advancing the company in the business environment.

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