Is Alkaline Water Bad for You?


Bottled or purified water is an item on most family grocery lists, but scientists and nutritionists are continuing to conduct more advanced studies on the water to determine how safe it is. While purified water may seem healthy, there are a number of factors to consider when it comes to consuming the water on a regular basis.


  • Purified or alkaline water absorbs naturally; so when the water comes in contact with air, it absorbs the carbon dioxide, and this makes the water acidic. The more acidic water a person drinks, the more acidic the body becomes, which breaks down the body's immune defenses.

Beverages with Alkaline Water

  • Beverages such as fruit-flavored drinks and sodas are usually made from purified water, and these drinks usually have no nutritional value. According to Zoltan P. Rona M.D., MSc, studies have been conducted showing that people who consume large amounts of these drinks release too many essential minerals like calcium and magnesium into the urine.

Acidity and Aging

  • Not only can alkaline water break down the function of the immune system, it can also speed up the aging process due to the amount of excess acid that is released in the body when humans drink it. Other food substances that can produce the same effect include sugar and processed flour.

Alkaline Water and Cardiovascular Disease

  • Zoltan P. Rona M.D., MSc also reveals that there is a connection between drinking soft water (purified water falls in this category) and developing cardiovascular disease. Cells may remove minerals from the bones in order to counter the acidity; this is also very common in individuals who drink only distilled water.


  • While alkaline water is not recommended for consumption on a regular basis, individuals who are cleansing or detoxing the body can use purified water, since the water will absorb and eliminate harmful substances. However, this water should only be used for weeks at a time.

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