What Is a Fluke Meter?


A Fluke meter is a term that describes an array of electronic testing devices manufactured by the Fluke Corporation.

About Fluke

  • Fluke manufactures products in the following market segments: industrial/electronic service installation and maintenance, electrical and temperature products, indoor air quality equipment, biomedical products and calibration equipment.


  • While many Fluke products feature measurement functions, a "Fluke meter" most likely refers to the company's clamp meters, distance meters and multimeters. Electrical engineering, electrical maintenance, surveying and construction widely use these devices.

Clamp Meter

  • Fluke manufactures several series of clamp meters. These devices resemble a hand clamp or pliers, and you can place them around electrical conductors in order to measure electrical current.

Distance Meter

  • Fluke also manufactures several models of laser distance meters. The engineering and construction fields use these devices, which use a laser beam to accurately measure distance.

Digital Multimeters

  • Fluke also manufactures numerous "multimeters," which are devices that perform multiple electrical measurements, such as on current, resistance and voltage. Fluke's multimeter product line ranges from general purpose to highly specialized.


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