Facts About College Students' Cell Phone Use

College students make an average of 11 calls a day from their cell phones, according to a Virginia Tech survey. Cell phone use can be both beneficial and harmful to the education and safety of college students.

  1. Effects

    • According to a University of Michigan study, cell phones are a serious source of distraction in college classes and a potential source of cheating.


    • A study from Staffordshire University in England found that 36 percent of college students can't get by without their cell phones and that they view them as a necessity, like a car.


    • College students are more apt to take risks with their safety when using a cell phone, according to a study appearing in the "International Journal of Urban and Regional Research." Cell phones can create a false sense of security, leading college students, especially women, to walk with them in dark, dangerous places where they normally would not.


    • College students can use cell phones to download, access and read course materials, according to a University of North Florida study. Today's cell phones have the computing power of a mid-1990s personal computer.


    • Some colleges, like Danville Area Community College in Danville, Illinois, have implemented emergency text-messaging systems to alert students to on-campus emergencies, as well as class cancellations due to weather.

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