What Are the Benefits of Using Nail Oil?


Whether long or short, healthy well-manicured nails are the finishing touch that can complete your look. Incorporating nail oil into your nail care regimen keeps your nails looking their best.

What Is Nail Oil

  • Nail oil is a clear oil used to help maintain healthy fingernails. Nail oils are made of both natural and synthetic materials. They often include vitamin E, vitamin B, flax seed oil and evening primrose oil.

Removing Ridges

  • Using nail oil can remove ridges in your finger nails. Ridges are the long horizontal or vertical lines that form starting at the base of the nail. Using nail oil on a regular basis provides moisture to the nail bed, thus reducing ridges.

Chipping and Splitting

  • Regular use of nail oil can also keep finger nails from chipping and splitting. The nutrients provided by nail oil maintains strength and flexibility in finger nails. Strong flexible nails stand up to daily activities better and are less likely to split or chip under stress.


  • Nail oil not only helps strengthen your finger nails, it's good for your hands too. The added moisture from nail oil assists in keeping hands soft and smooth.

Health and Shine

  • Using nail oil can keep your nails shiny and healthy even when you're not wearing polish.

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