What Are the Causes of Puffy Eyes with Headache?


Dealing with puffy eyes and headache can give rise to concern. Although there are many possible causes to these symptoms, in most cases the conditions are attributed to a small number of general causes.


  • Some immune systems over-react to a foreign ailment such as pollen or dust, triggering symptoms of puffy eyes and headache. Animal or food allergy are also common triggers.


  • A study presented at the 46th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Headache Society states that puffy eyes and pain in the forehead could actually be from a migraine rather than sinus problems.

Sinus Infection

  • Puffy eyes and headache could be caused an abnormal mucus production leaking from the nasal passages, provoking inflammation in the sinuses. This increased nasal drip can cause infection.

Cosmetic Surgery

  • The aftermath of cosmetic eye surgery or Botox applications to the face may cause puffiness and headaches as temporary side effects.

Changing Conditions

  • Puffy eyes and headaches are usually a temporary condition that can be from lack of sleep, changing in hormones or weather alterations.

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