What Are the Rules for the Card Game Casino?


The card game of Casino is a popular "fishing" card game (not to be confused with the game of "Go Fish") of uncertain origin, generally played with two to four players..


  • Casino is a game of collecting cards, worth different values, through a couple of different methods. The aim is to be the first person to reach a score of 21.


  • At the start of the game, deal four cards to each player (typically dealt two at a time) and four cards face up in a community row in the middle. Each player takes turns playing one card at a time and, after each person plays all four cards, four more are dealt to each, but no more to the community.


  • You can capture or collect a card or set of cards one of two ways: by playing a card of equal value to a card on the table (ex. 5 on 5, king on king, etc.) or by playing a numerical (non-face) card onto two or more numerical cards on the table that add up to the number on the card being played (ex. 9 on 4 and 5). You may also collect multiple sets that add up to your played card, all at once (ex. 9 on 4 and 5, 2 and 7, and another 9).


  • To build, you may place a card onto a communal card, leaving the cards uncollected, as you "build" toward some value. For example, if you have a 9 in your hand you may play a 5 on a communal 4, in anticipation of your next turn. However, somebody else may play a 9 before your next turn, stealing your build.


  • Trailing is essentially your last option when you cannot capture or build toward something. Just play a card, face up and end your turn. Trailing keeps the community alive throughout the game.


  • After all cards have been played, scoring commences. The person who captured last collects all remaining communal cards.

    -Most cards collected: 3 points
    -Most spades collected: 1 point
    -Aces collected: 1 point each
    -10 of diamonds: 2 points
    -2 of spades: 1 point

    After scores have been counted and recorded, the person on the original dealers left shuffles and re-deals in the same manner as the original deal. Play continues like this until somebody reaches or passes a score of 21; if multiple players achieve this on the same round, the higher score wins.


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