Fatigue & Sinus Infections


Sinus infections can cause a great deal of fatigue. This is due to the lack of sleep from congestion and other symptoms related to the infection. Infections usually do not resolve themselves, thus a visit to the doctor may be necessary for treatment.


  • Sinus infection, also referred to as sinusitis, affects around 37 million Americans annually, according to The National Institute of Health. Sinusitis is an inflammation or infection of the sinuses.


  • A sinus infection generally causes pain, and pressure around the eyes and nose. Further, headache, earache, cough, nasal stuffiness and fatigue are effects of sinusitis.

Expert Insight

  • According to a Vanderbilt University Medical Center study, extreme fatigue was cited as a major predictor of sinus infection. Other symptoms cited in the study were sleep interruptions, nasal blockage and discharge and impaired smell.


  • An examination by a health care provider will determine the course of treatment for a sinus infection. Sinus infections are usually treated with prescribed antibiotics. Other treatments can include pain relievers and decongestants.


  • If flying with sinusitis, the accompanying pain and pressure is often worsened. The effect of the reduced air pressure can be lessened by using a decongestant nose spray.

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