Why Copper Bottom Pots & Pans?


Burnished copper cookware is one of many choices for kitchen pots and pans. While copper pans are attractive, they also have some other benefits to consider as well.


  • Copper cookware typically consists of stainless steel bodies with very shiny copper bottoms. It is often chosen for its appearance when used on hanging pot racks.

Heat Conduction

  • Copper is an excellent conductor of heat among non-precious metals. While it can be more pricey than other metals, it provides a uniform, even conducting surface for cooking.

Manageable Weight

  • Copper cookware has a manageable weight, which makes it attractive to busy chefs. Copper pans sit securely on burners; they can also easily be turned, flipped and picked up with one hand.

Ease of Cooking

  • During cooking, the temperature of a copper pot changes immediately when the temperature of the stove top changes. This provides ease in cooking and makes it especially easy to braise and brown foods.

New Cleaning Products

  • In the past, copper pots and pans were difficult to keep clean and shiny. However, a variety of new products on the market make it easy to keep copper pans shiny.


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