B100 Vitamin Information


Vitamin B100 is a supplement that provides an entire day's supply of all essential vitamins in the B family. This family of vitamins will help you handle stress, as well as fortify your skin and hair.


  • Before taking vitamin supplements, consult your health care provider. Vitamin B100 can interfere with prescription medications. Make sure to discuss this with your doctor.

Expert Insight

  • The American Medical Association concurs with the majority of medical professional worldwide in considering the B family of vitamins "stress vitamins." These vitamins are not able to be stored by the body, so a new supply is needed daily.


  • Vitamin B100 can aid in the treatment of depression, stress and diabetes. It's also considered good for improving hair and skin problems.

Side Effects

  • You may experience indigestion if you take Vitamin B100 on an empty stomach. This side effect is said to decrease after a few days.


  • Urine may take on the smell of vitamins and turn an unusually bright yellow. Neon yellow urine has also been observed from time to time. This is due to a large increase in riboflavin in the urine.

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