Recovery Time for Bilateral Hernia Surgery


A hernia is a protrusion of an entire organ or a part of an organ extending from a cavity wall. A bilateral hernia is an inguinal (groin) hernia found on both the right and left side. Post-surgical recovery may include return to work suggestions, wound closure care and pain control.


  • Hernia surgery (herniorrhapy) has its benefits. A hernia patient can return to normal work duties and may experience less chronic pain. Laparoscopic repair surgery may be used by a physician, which takes less recovery time, or a hernia patient more need open repair surgery.

Return to Work Suggestions

  • Hernia patients who return to work may be advised to reduce their normal work activities. This allows patients to return to less stressful work environments. An example is a file clerk who stands all day who may be advised to take additional work breaks.

Wound Closure Care

  • Surgery will require a wound closure type ,including dissolvable stitches or sutures based on the patient. Read instructions and ask questions about wound closure care to reduce redness and post-surgical infections.

Post-Surgical Pain Relief

  • A physician will prescribe painkillers immediately after your hernia surgery. Pain treatment methods is based on the patient and may be given orally or via needle. Speak with your physician for pain control experienced beyond 2 weeks after surgery.


  • Hernias may reoccur following surgery. One common reason is poor hernia repair ,which can be minimized by choosing a specialist, understanding the reasons for your hernia surgery and following the suggesting post-recovery treatment plan prescribed by your physician.

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