Emotional Effects of Steroids


Steroids are drugs that people use to increase their muscle mass and athletic performance. Steroids not only affect your physical health, but they also affect your mental health in a negative way. Be aware that some of these emotional problems won't go away, even if steroid use is stopped.

Mood Swings

  • Steroids cause sudden mood swings. One minute you can be happy and then the next you'll be upset without even knowing why.


  • Steroids cause severe anger, which can result in violence or even death. This anger is better known as "roid rage."


  • Many steroid users hallucinate. They see or hear things that aren't real.


  • Steroids cause paranoia. The paranoia stems from the hallucinations and other emotional issues that steroids cause.


  • Steroids can cause major anxiety problems including panic attacks.


  • Steroids cause major depression, which can lead to suicide risk.

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