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The Rave Diet was created by Mike Anderson after watching family and friends suffer from disease. Deciding that there had to be a better way to live, he embarked on two years of research and formed the principles of the Rave Diet and Lifestyle.


  • The Rave Diet is a low-fat diet based around whole, unprocessed foods. It is not only vegetarian but vegan, meaning it includes no animal products of any kind.


  • The "rave" part of the name is an acronym for the four most important aspects of the diet. They are: no refined foods, no animal foods, no vegetable oils, no exceptions. The lifestyle also emphasizes exercise.

Prohibited Foods

  • As a result of these principles, foods not allowed on the Rave Diet are all meats such as fish, pork, beef and chicken, animal-derived foods such as dairy and honey, salt, breads and prepared cereals, anything fried and fast foods.


  • The Rave Diet is very low on fats, to the point of discouraging even the eating of nuts and seeds. Critics say that while a low-fat diet is good, once you get into a healthy weight range, you don't need to keep eliminating the healthy fats found in seeds, nuts and unprocessed oils.


  • Diet creator Mike Anderson is a filmmaker, not a medical professional or nutritionist. Some may feel uncomfortable following diet and medical advice dispensed by someone who has no training in either. Always consult with your doctor or a medical professional before embarking on a diet plan.

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