What are the Functions of Muscles in the Body?


According to The Book of Muscle, your body contains about 650 muscles, which represent up to 45 percent of your body weight. Muscles vary in function, type and size, but all work together to help you do everything from blink to run.


  • You have three types of muscles: cardiac, smooth and skeletal. Each type functions differently.


  • Cardiac muscle is heart muscle. Smooth muscles lie flat over blood vessels and internal organs. Skeletal muscles attach to your bones.


  • Cardiac muscle is located in the walls of the heart. Smooth muscles and skeletal muscles are found throughout the body, but only skeletal muscles are visible from the outside of your body.

Cardiac Muscle Function

  • Cardiac muscle is responsible for the beating of your heart, which in turn manages blood flow, oxygen and electrical signals moving in and out of the heart. The function is involuntary.

Smooth Muscle Function

  • According to physiology study guides from the University of Illinois at Chicago, smooth muscles contract the hollow structures of the body, such as the uterus, intestines and arteries. Their function is involuntary.

Skeletal Muscle Function

  • Skeletal muscles move and stabilize all your bones and support your entire body. Without them, you would be a soft, immobile pile of organs, skin and bones. Skeletal muscles move when you tell them to, unless trauma or unconsciousness prevents them.

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