What Is the Treble Clef?


The treble clef is a musical symbol that dictates the notes corresponding with each line on the musical staff. The form of the treble clef reveals essential information about the music it follows including octave, pitch and the range of notes.

Other Names

  • The treble clef is also known as the G-clef. This is because the shape of the symbol is similar to the letter G and also circles the line that represents the musical note G.


  • The treble clef is a symbol located at the beginning of a musical staff. It is a stylized version of the letter G and ranges from above the top line of the staff to below the bottom.


  • The treble clef indicates which notes are represented on a musical staff. The notes on a treble clef staff are higher than those on the bass clef, and are played by treble instruments such as trumpets or clarinets.


  • The notes on the treble clef can be memorized using the mnemonic "Every Good Boy Does Fine." The first line on the bottom of the staff is the note E, the next line up is G, then B, D and finally F.


  • The octave treble clef, vocal treble clef and double treble clef are the three types of treble clefs. The octave treble clef has a small 8 affixed to the top of the symbol and indicates an octave above the treble clef. The vocal treble clef has the 8 on the bottom, and the double treble clef is represented by two treble clefs next to each other. Both the vocal and double treble clefs indicate an octave below the treble clef.

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