Supplements for Weight Gain

Weight gain supplements are used for a variety of reasons. They are usually available online and at health food stores, supplement stores, sporting goods stores, and other vendors that sell exercise and health products. The cost depends on the quantity of the supplement you purchase. Do not use weight supplements without consulting a medical professional.

  1. Function

    • People use weight gain supplements to gain weight for many reasons, including sports or bodybuilding. They may also simply need to gain more weight to become healthy, such as the case with AIDS patients or those with Crohn's disease.


    • Types of weight gain supplements include creatine, protein powders, meal replacement powders, L-Glutamine, and "Weight Gainers", which is another powder specifically designed to help people gain weight.


    • These supplements help people gain weight by increasing their calorie content when eating enough food for the desired daily caloric value isn't feasible.


    • People who use dietary supplements to gain weight may not realize the extra work it takes to actually put on weight. To put on muscle weight, it's necessary to work out five to six times per week while taking protein powders, L-glutamine, or creatine, or there may be negative effects.


    • Weight gain supplements may have negative effects, especially when you use creatine. These effects may include change in mood and heart rate, dehydration, muscle cramps, and heat exhaustion.

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