Problems in Corporate Communication


Effective communication is an important part of a successful business. Improper communication can dampen a company's opportunities for managing employees and increasing market share.


  • The first problem with corporate communication is the communicator. If he does not understand his audience or presents a confusing message, the communication is lost on the listeners.

Communication Method

  • Two types of communication methods are used in business: push and pull. The push method relies on management to push messages down the communication channels, while the pull method requires employees to use a communication channel to retrieve corporate messages.

Communication Channels

  • Several communication channels exist in the corporate workplace. Email, telephone, memos and bulletin boards are communication channels. Using the incorrect communication channel will delay the message and lessen the response time of employees.

External Noise

  • Corporate communication must be delivered through communication noise, which is anything that can change the intent of the original message. Communicators must avoid preconceived notions or confusing environments when sending messages.

Audience Size

  • An important part of communication is understanding the audience receiving the communication. Using technical terms or an informal tone can create distracting messages for the audience, delaying the expected results of the communication.


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