Uses for Octagon Bar Soap


Octagon soap brings back memories for octogenarians. it's one of the soaps they used to wash clothes on a washboard and bathe their children. Some people may think it's gone but not forgotten; however, it's available today and has many uses.


  • Wet clothes and rub Octagon soap on the stains; it's a cheap and effective alternative to spray products.

Cleaning the Stove

  • Octagon soap cuts grease. Use it on a sponge or rag to clean the top of your stove.

Cleaning Cabinets and Woodwork

  • Use Octagon soap to clean your cabinets and woodwork. It's safe and does an excellent job.

Washing Dishes and Hands

  • Wash your dishes by slicing off slivers of Octagon soap and putting them on your sponge or dishrag. You can clean the dirtiest hands with this soap.

Prevent Poison Ivy Rash

  • Prevent poison ivy from causing a rash by washing the skin with Octagon soap within two hours after exposure.

Keep Deer and Rabbits Away from Your Garden

  • Hang pieces of Octagon soap on strings and place them on stakes or tomato cages in your vegetable garden. Place the stakes every three to six feet around the garden. Cut a couple of soap bars up into tiny pieces and sprinkle them around the perimeter. Deer and rabbits hate the smell and will stay away from your veggie plants.

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