Diamonds Vs. Cubic Zirconia


Although most people would like to own diamonds, many can't afford them. However, they can own a diamond substitute such as cubic zirconia and most people won't know the difference.


  • Cubic zirconia is a stunning imitator of an extremely valuable stone. Without magnification, it's almost impossible to tell whether it's a diamond or a cubic zirconia.


  • Although harder than most gemstones, cubic zirconia isn't as hard as a diamond. They also have more clarity and sparkle than most diamonds because they don't have the flaws and impurities that a diamond does.


  • One big difference between cubic zirconia and diamonds is price. Most people, even on a budget, can afford a cubic zirconia, but sometimes this can present a problem if someone tries to sell a cubic zirconia as a diamond.

Diamond or Cubic Zirconia

  • In order to tell the difference between a diamond and a cubic zirconia, you need a magnifying glass that will magnify the stone at least 10 times. The facets on the cubic zirconia won't point properly. Also, where the facets intersect, they won't form a perfect sharp line. The line will also be a little more rounded than the diamonds and have abrasions.


  • The untrained person can do one test on his own in order to judge whether the item is a diamond or a cubic zirconia. This test involves a thermal probe tester. Cubic zirconia is insulating in nature while diamonds conduct heat, so this test should accurately determine whether you have a diamond or a cubic zirconia.


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