How Much Is a 1925 Silver Dollar Worth?


In 1925, the United States Mint produced the silver Peace dollar. The Peace dollar was first minted in 1921 and features Lady Liberty on the obverse and an eagle with the word "Peace" on the reverse.

Mint Mark

  • The mint mark on a Peace dollar is located on the reverse to the left of the eagle's tail and under the word "one." Peace dollars of 1925 were only minted in Philadelphia and San Francisco. A Philadelphia 1925 Peace dollar will not have a mint mark; a San Francisco 1925 Peace dollar will have an "S" in this location.


  • In 1925, 10 million Peace dollars were minted in Philadelphia, while 1.6 million were minted in San Francisco.

Silver Content

  • Silver Peace dollars of 1925 consist of 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper. The silver content in a 1925 silver Peace dollar is a little over three-quarters of an ounce.

Circulated Value

  • In 2009, the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) valued circulated 1925 Peace dollars at $18 apiece. A circulated 1925-S Peace dollar is worth about $28.

Uncirculated Value

  • In 2009, PCGS valued uncirculated 1925 Peace dollars at $24 apiece. An uncirculated 1925-S Peace dollar is worth about $80.


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