About Wagyu Beef


Wagyu beef is an expensive and somewhat mysterious cut of beef. There is a long history behind Wagyu beef that makes it an interesting and flavorful type of meat.

Wagyu Breed

Wagyu beef is a specific breed of cattle. The Wagyu cow was bred in Japan, but can now be found all over the world.


Wagyu beef is known for the high amount of marbling in the meat. The steaks have a complete marble of fat that makes it more flavorful and tender than other cuts of meat.

Kobe Beef

Kobe beef is a specific type of Wagyu beef that comes from Kobe, Japan. This type of beef is known for the way that the cattle is raised. Kobe beef cows are massaged, and are fed beer.

High Cost

The marbling of the Wagyu beef makes it the most expensive cut of beef. Prices vary, but are generally between 100 and 150 dollars per pound, according to wisegeek.


Wagyu beef can seem to be unhealthy, as the fat can be seen easily. Much of this fat is monounsaturated, which is a healthier type of fat.

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