What Types of Dirt Bikes Are Street Legal?


Some motorcycles are built for speed, others for comfort and some to ride in the dirt once in a while. Some can be ridden on the street, then go off-road.

Dual Sport Motorcycles

  • Dual sport bikes are motorcycles that live a double life. They are dirt bikes by design but have street-legal amenities such as headlights, speedometer, mirrors and horn. Some dual sport motorcycles are also slightly less aggressively tuned for better on-road performance.

Dirt Bike With Lights

  • You can choose to turn a dirt bike into a dual sport with the addition of the proper equipment. But some states will not license a bike if it will not meet emissions requirements.

Lightweight Dual Sports

  • Several manufacturers offer dual sport models, ready to ride with knobby dirt tires. These models are more closely related to dirt bikes and are suited for short pavement jaunts.

Middleweight Dual Sports

  • Trading less suspension travel and off-road tires, middleweight bikes feature larger motors and more street-oriented tires, which perform best on pavement, trails and dirt roads. Displacements for this class range from 450 to 650cc.

Heavyweight Dual Sports

  • Also called adventure bikes, the heavyweight bike is equipped with better street tires and places an emphasis of touring over off-road performance. Heavyweight bikes are designed primarily for the road, with an occasional trip on dirt roads.


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