Effects on Girls Raised by Single Mothers

In today's family-fragmented society, many children are raised by single parents. There are effects on both genders. However, in many instances, the effect on girls being raised by single mothers can be more pronounced. This is because a girl's relationship with her father often sets the stage for other male relationships that follow in her life.

  1. Girls and Fathers

    • Unknown to many, girls and their fathers have some of the more important relationships. Fathers set the stage in a girl's life for the type of man she is looking for once she's older, as well as the standard of treatment she will expect in a romantic relationship with a man.

    Girls and Moms

    • Girls raised by single mothers tend to be more protective over their mom. This has a lot to do with the fact that they watch their mothers struggle financially or emotionally, or both.

    Myths About Girls Being Raised By Single Mothers

    • There are a number of different ideologies about what happens to girls being raised by single mothers. Contrary to public belief, these girls are not always promiscuous, lost without the presence of a father figure or headed to a life of drugs and/or alcohol to fill the void. As with any children, this depends on the person raising them and the types of values instill in the girl from a young age.

    Girls Typically Work Harder With Only One Parent In The Home

    • In fact, girls from single-family homes, particularly those with single mothers, tend to work harder to excel. These girls want to provide a better life for themselves and their mothers, who most of the time struggle to provide for their daughters.

    Single Parent Environments Are Sometimes More Beneficial

    • For girls, sometimes a single-parent household is better than being exposed to one with two parents who are constantly arguing, yelling and becoming physically abusive. Girls tend to take these situations to heart; these can often manifest themselves in eating disorders or other behaviors that signal a cry for attention.

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