Purpose of a Timing Belt


An engine timing belt is a very important internal engine component that regulates a variety of engine systems and operations. Here are some of the main purposes of an automotive engine timing belt.

Synchronize Engine Operation

  • The main purpose of a timing belt is to synchronize the movements of the engine pistons, crankshaft, camshaft and valves. A timing belt assures that all of these engine components move and operate in a set, pre-determined pattern of operation, which results in optimal engine performance.

Optimum Engine Combustion

  • In order for engine combustion to occur at optimum levels, the engine valves and pistons have to operate in sync. The valves have to open and close at precise times in relation to piston position in each engine cylinder. A timing belt assures optimum engine combustion by regulating engine piston and valve movement, and assuring their synchronization.

Engine Performance

  • A timing belt, by regulating the position and movement of the pistons and valves, plays a key role in engine's performance. An engine performs optimally when all of its internal parts are working in harmony; a timing belt assures this by regulating piston and valve function--two of the most important parts in terms of engine performance.

Crankshaft Rotation

  • An engine's crankshaft, which directs and powers each individual piston, would fail to work properly without benefit of an engine timing belt. By meshing with a set of cogs, or gears, on the end of an engine crankshaft, a timing belt regulates the spinning crankshaft motion, which affects engine piston function.

Camshaft Rotation

  • A timing belt performs one other vital engine role: regulating the rotation of an engine camshaft. A camshaft, which is located deep inside an engine block, is responsible for opening and closing each individual engine valve. A camshaft, just like an engine crankshaft, has a small set of cogs, or gears, that allow its rotation to be regulated by an engine timing belt.

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