Facts About Arrowheads


Arrowheads are the tips of arrows that end in a point and are responsible for stabbing into various materials that an arrow hits. These are studied archaeologically and are used in modern archery as well. Arrowheads vary depending on the culture that makes them, and they are found all over the world.


  • Ancient arrowheads are generally made of stone, such as flint, but have also been found carved out of bone, wood, and metal. Today, arrowheads are made of synthetic materials or metals, except in old world civilizations, where ancient practices are still in place.


  • Arrowheads have two basic parts, the first being the pointed tip at the top of the object. The other is called the haft, which is on the other end of the arrowhead and is the point where it is attached to the arrow.


  • The size of the arrowhead can be used to generally place it in a certain age range. Larger, wider arrowheads are older, while modern arrowheads are very thin and narrow.


  • Modern broadhead arrowheads are composed of many blades that are set wider than most arrowheads. This design allows the arrowhead to hit more arteries.


  • Many arrowheads contain barbs, which are like hooks. These make it hard to remove the arrow.

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