Low Blood Pressure and Fatigue


Low blood pressure and fatigue are often linked. That is, if you are fatigued, you may have low blood pressure. Likewise, low blood pressure can cause fatigue. If you are experiencing low blood pressure and/or fatigue, you should have your doctor check it out to see if there is an underlying medical condition.


  • Low blood pressure can lead to fatigue and is a serious medical concern. Fatigue from low blood pressure is an outward symptom of internal problems related to your cardiovascular system, and it should be assessed by a qualified medical provider.


  • Low blood pressure, or hypotension, is defined by a blood pressure of less than 90/60 mm/HG. Each number (systolic--top number and diastolic--bottom number) is read separately. So, a systolic of 90 or below is considered low, and a diastolic of 60 or below is considered low.


  • If you start feeling fatigued and sluggish, it is a good idea to see how your blood pressure is doing. There are many places to check your blood pressure such as a pharmacy, doctor's office or with home equipment.


  • Fatigue caused by low blood pressure can indicate a serious health condition like allergies, disease, overdose of medication, heart or vessel problems, heat exhaustion, infection or even pregnancy. It is critical to get low blood pressure and fatigue examined by your doctor.

Expert Insight

  • The Mayo Clinic states that blood pressure can vary greatly "depending on body position, breathing rhythm, stress level, physical condition, medications you take, what you eat and drink, and even time of day."

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