Bowel Cancer Symptoms


Bowel cancer, which would be better described as colon cancer, is ultimately a cancer of the large intestines. Typically, this form of cancer originates in the lining of the inner wall of the colon. In its earlier stages, cancer affecting the bowels can be difficult to detect, as it shows very few, if any, symptoms. However, there are a number of indicators you can look for.

Change in Bowel Movements

One of the most common symptoms in cancer of the bowels, or colon cancer, is a change in bowel movement. This can manifest as periods of either constipation or diarrhea. It may also affect the actual consistency of the stool, appearing fairly thin or small as opposed to the "normal" size of your movement.


In many people who are suffering from cancer of the bowels, they may also notice blood in their stool, which would either be seen as actual blood or an almost tar-like appearance to the stool itself, or rectal bleeding.

Pain & Discomfort

Unfortunately, this particular symptom can present itself in a few different ways, and could be mild to severe in its intensity. It may simply be some abdominal discomfort, as one would experience during times of flatulence, or actual cramping of the abdominal region. It may also flare up, so to speak, as pain or cramping while having a bowel movement.

Weight Loss

While this may be consistent with most forms of cancer, unexplained weight loss is another symptom of bowel cancer. This is due to the cancer itself as its uninhibited growth will generally burn more calories than "normal" cells.


Fatigue is another fairly common symptom among almost any form of cancer and is consistent with bowel cancer as well. Since the cancerous cells are essentially feeding at a more heightened rate than healthy cells, the body can become run down, resulting in fatigue.


Many people who are suffering from bowel cancer have also noted a certain sense of fullness. A person with this form of cancer is a feeling as if they still have to go to the bathroom even after they've just went, yet they won't produce any stool when they try again.

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