Use Your Stroller to Help Lose the Baby Weight

If you're a new mom and exercise seems impossible, start looking at your stroller as a piece of fitness equipment.

Keep Eating What You Love to Get Healthier (Yes, Really!)

Eating healthier doesn't have to mean sacrificing your favorite dishes and desserts.

Aquatic Fun

Pool Exercises for Kids

Swimming pools are an excellent resource for getting your kids to exercise during the summer months.

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Natural Remedies

How to Get Silky Soft Hair

Some of the most beneficial oils for your hair may already be in your kitchen pantry.

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The Great Outdoors

Stay Fit, Stay Safe: Exercising in the Summer

Don't let the heat stifle your workout: adapt with smarter exercise times, nutrition and clothing.

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11 Healthy Habits to Improve Your Sleep

A few simple adjustments can make all the difference if you're tired of being tired.

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