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Stuck at home?  No need to worry,  just get yourself ready for an at- home workout with a set of stairs.   The more stairs, the better but if you only have a small staircase, that is okay too!  Plan to double each set of stairs to make sure you get the cardio effect.    During these workouts you want your heart rate to elevate and you should be feeling like you are working hard.   As always, listen to your body and if something doesn’t feel right or you start to feel sick, please stop!

One of my favorite stair workouts is to “do my age”.   When I am short on time and just want a quick cardio blast,  I will run up and down my staircase each time for my age.    As I get older,  this one gets tougher and tougher!  I will spare you the video on this as I don’t think you have enough time.  :)   Definitely try it out yourself though and try to make it through your entire age before stopping.     (tough, isn’t it?!)

The next workout incorporates upper body strength.  You can modify the pushups if needed and definitely do not forget to breathe.    Run up and down the stairs and then immediately do 5 pushups.    Repeat this for 8-10 times.   You can modify and do the push-ups on your knees if your form starts to suffer.


Another workout idea is to combine a few exercises with each stair run.  I chose to do split squats and plank ab twists, however you can substitute in ones of your choice here.    The key is to keep going and get that heart rate elevated.    You want to work, sweat, and have fun!


Try out these stair workouts and let me know what you think!

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