Administration Assistant Salaries

The salary for an administrative assistant can vary depending on the geographic location of the job. However, administrative assistants earn competitive salaries compared to other professions. As a whole, administrative assistants perform office administrative functions, and they typically work under the direct supervision of a manager or other administrative supervisor. Likewise, some administrative assistants possess a certain level of autonomy with their work duties, such as executive assistants or legal assistants.

  1. Work Setting

    • There are different types of administrative assistants, and a variety of employers in different industries require the assistance of administrative assistants. Most administrative assistants work in an office setting, and they usually spend a considerable amount of time working on the computer and performing other clerical duties. Administrative assistants are needed in healthcare offices, government offices, schools, law offices and more. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, administrative assistants usually work a typical 40 hour a week schedule, and a small percentage of administrative assistants are part-time employees or freelancers. Full-time and part-time administrative assistants typically obtain a reasonable salary for their work duties.


    • Entry-level administrative assistants must earn a minimum high school diploma in addition to specific training in office administration. Many high schools, vocational schools and community colleges offer training programs for administrative assistant positions. However, many employers require higher level administrative assistants, such as executive assistants or legal secretaries to have a college degree and some experience or certification in the industry of the job. Extensive experience and completion of college degree programs have an impact on the entry-level salary of an administrative assistant. Also, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, many administrative assistants obtain additional on-the-job training which may increase their salary depending on the employer.

    Average Salary

    • The actual salary for administrative assistants depends on the type of employer and the industry. Also, the salaries may vary depending on the skills, certification and educational background of the individual. According to, the median range for administrative assistants is between $31,379 and $47,411. The amount increases with the inclusion of bonuses and profit sharing. Also, reports that 97 percent of administrative assistants are female gender as compared to 3 percent male gender. Similarly, reports $35,932 as the median salary for entry-level administrative assistants.

    Popular Industries

    • A large amount of administrative assistant jobs can be found in schools, financial services healthcare offices and churches. However, administrative assistants are also found in other industries, such as hospitals, nursing homes, nonprofit organizations, staffing agencies and many more.


    • Although the minimum education requirement for administrative assistants is a high school diploma, individuals with higher educational degrees and extensive work experience usually attract more job opportunities. For this reason, many employers seek out highly qualified individuals for this competitive job.

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