What Is a Strong Golf Grip?


Golfers will often employ a strong grip on their clubs because it helps them hit the ball squarely with the clubface. When using a strong grip, you lower the risk of hitting the ball with an open face, which results in a slice. When the clubface is square, or closed, upon impact, you hit the ball straight and for a greater distance. The strong grip also contributes to hitting balls farther because it rotates the hands clockwise as compared to the traditional grip, which allows you to wait until the last second to release the club, causing the speed of your clubhead to be traveling faster upon impact.

The Strong Grip

  • In the traditional grip, for a right-handed golfer, both sets of fingers wrap around the club, with your thumbs pointed straight down the shaft. Your hands come together to make a straight, up-and-down V-shape and both wrists are rotated so that they’re pointed vertical with your palms facing each other. The strong grip, however, calls for a right-handed golfer to position both hands to the right of center. Wrap both sets of fingers around the club and keep your thumbs pointed down the shaft, but rotate your hands counter-clockwise. In turn, the V-shape shouldn’t be straight up-and-down but instead face toward your right shoulder, with your right hand sitting underneath the club grip and the outer three to four knuckles of your left hand pointing upward. For left-handed golfers, the hands are rotated counterclockwise so that the V-shape faces the left shoulder and the left hand sits under the club while the right hand knuckles point skyward.

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