Creative Corporate Communication

Employee focused corporate communications can be innovative and engaging.
Employee focused corporate communications can be innovative and engaging. (Image: Business team and world image by UBE from <a href=''></a>)

Corporate communication as an employee management tool is a way to share ideas, encourage profitable change and improve organizational culture. Every executive, leader and manager is responsible for establishing guidelines for the ethical, economical and environmental health of their corporation. Finding ways to creatively communicate can help address challenging situations and gain support from employees.

Misconceptions of Corporate Communications

Corporate communications is usually viewed as a top down business function: One person, usually a senior-level executive, dictates information through a newsletter or meeting, and the organization follows without question. Profitable businesses find new and innovative ways to connect with employees, as they are valuable representatives of the product or service offered. When managers are open to communication from every staff member, they establish a message that they value employees. Creative corporate communicators are open to exploring new ways to express their business goals through creative communication.

Understanding the role of corporate communications is the key to success
Understanding the role of corporate communications is the key to success (Image: question mark image by Suresh Makinidi from <a href=''></a>)

Creatively Communicating the Brand

A logo creatively communicates the identity of a corporate brand. It is the visual component every employee should understand and relate to. Consistently incorporate the use of the corporate name and logo on all publications and company property, such as websites, business cards, signs, apparel and buildings. The consistent use of a logo enhances the value of all messages.

Corporate logos are communication tools.
Corporate logos are communication tools. (Image: logo image by Juliane from <a href=''></a>)

Communicating Product Launches and New Policies

To launch a product, creative communicators produce an in-house commercial of the product, preferably a comedic skit if appropriate. Other creative visuals include sample advertisements, mock press releases and logo-bearing shirts, pens or other corporate products. To introduce a new policy, they get an individual from each level in the organization to take charge of explaining one aspect of the policy. They offer these employees bonuses to introduce the new policy by visual storytelling through video or an interactive game at an upcoming meeting. 

Creative Feedback

Productive employees have a sense of ownership in an organization. Town-hall-style meetings, focus groups and seminars are ways to establish a creative communication exchange with employees. Send invitations and background information on the topics of discussion before such a meeting. During the meeting, solicit constructive feedback and questions from employees. Use secure internal blogs, online seminars and telephone conferences as interactive tools in large or geographically diverse organizations.

Corporate meetups promote creative communication
Corporate meetups promote creative communication (Image: projector ready for presentation image by Dmitry Goygel-Sokol from <a href=''></a>)

Considering Education as Corporate Communication

An educated organization is a progressive organization. Such organizations engage employees through educational and career-enhancing programs. Corporate education is a creative way to exchange messages and develop employees. Corporate education can be delivered in a series of formal seminars on a range of topics. It can also be delivered through email as a daily tip, through an in-house magazine or incorporated into weekly meetings. If a third-party vendor creates the program, the company should ensure that the corporate logo is visible on all materials. 

Interpersonal Corporate Communication

Senior level executives in large organizations can promote intimacy through a scheduled tour and conversations with field representatives at branch locations. They should demonstrate a sincere appreciation of every employee through interpersonal gestures, including birthday, holiday or anniversary gifts or messages. Creative corporate communications can also be demonstrated through promoting of a work-life integration program. For example, employees can be offered incentives to volunteer at nonprofits or demonstrate healthy lifestyles.  

Creatively develop interpersonal communications with employees.
Creatively develop interpersonal communications with employees. (Image: A businessman an businesswoman having a conversation image by sumos from <a href=''></a>)

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