What Are the Causes of Seeds on Warts?


Seed warts are common warts that sport black dots. A seed wart generally grows around the nails on your fingers or on the backs of the hand. If you bite your fingers or have broken hangnails, a seed wart may crop up in this area. However, you can get seed warts on your legs, feet, toes and arms. Blood vessels in the wart produce the black dots, which look like seeds, thus the name.


Wartfree.com notes that the black dot or the seed is a capillary vessel that transports blood to the wart. Seed warts are generally rough, hard bumps that are round and raised above the skin. Seeds warts are mostly flesh-colored and are a big dermatological concern, only next to acne in prevalence.


Seed warts can be contagious and spread to other part of the body. Children are more likely than adults to get seed warts, but anyone can contract them. Warts are mostly spread through direct contact with another person although it is possible to get the virus in a locker room, bathroom or shower.


The human papilloma virus (HPV) causes seed warts when the virus enters the body through a break or cut in your skin. Not everyone who is exposed to the human papilloma virus will get warts because everyone’s immune system is different. Some people are more resistant to viruses. Avoid coming into physical contact with someone who has seed warts and do not use a towel that that person has used. Do not scratch or rub your pack and do not pick at it because this will cause it to spread.


Treatments for seed warts include freezing the wart with liquid nitrogen, cutting off the wart, injecting medication into the wart, applying a topical medication to the wart, putting a salicylic acid patch on the wart, burning off the wart using laser or electricity, and over-the-counter applications. Seed warts eventually will disappear on their own, but perhaps not as quickly as you would like.


Make an effort to prevent getting seed warts in the first place You can do this my eating a diet that is full of vitamins A,C and E, which strengthen your body’s immune system. On-going stress weakens the immune system, putting you at risk for developing warts.

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